Usually we think that a space is a composite of dots or points. But,

we experience space first and then assume points as its composite units.

point is actually ‘pointless’ if we consider the geometric definition of a point literally or seriously.

In this way, points are our mental constructs.

Instead, spaces are physically real and relative to each other.

Moreover, every point is the cross-point of infinities in every either directions.

So, it’s clear, infinities overlap in some cross-points and thus form physical spaces.

But, how there could be infinite number of coexisting infinities? and

how those overlapping infinities create physical spaces?

Whereas, infinity is itself an abstract idea?

Infact, concept of infinity is, at the same time, the foundation and the melting-level of human understanding.

If all these propositions are wrong then what’s the right ones?

NB: I am interested in existential-ontological line of thought.

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